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Official British Dressage Audio Tests exclusively from

Practice and learn the official British Dressage tests at home, available in 2 riding speeds and a learning speed

Equivisions has teamed up with British Dressage to bring you MP3 versions of the official British Dressage tests recorded at 3 different speeds. They are currently available  from Intro - Advanced Medium. The tests are available as individual MP3 downloads, complete sets of tests pre loaded onto a micro SD card to fit our Speaker Watches, CDs, and packs which include a speaker watch and a set of tests on a card

All tests have been recorded at 3 speeds. Learning speed has no gaps between the instructions so is ideal for listening too whilst mucking out or driving. There are two riding speeds included and these are based on pony/cob speed and horse speed. We have analysed hundreds of tests to come up with the two speed solution and are confident that they will work for most combinations.

How does it work

We have used our extensive knowledge of editing music for dressage to come up with a solution for learning your dressage tests. Each test is timed to start outside the arena (inside if you can’t get outside) and once you have established your “press play” position following our simple guidelines, the test will flow just like having a commander

It’s very easy to establish your “press play” position but we have a video to demonstrate. You only need to do this once as all our tests have exactly the same intro time.


Step 1: Halt at A facing out of the arena (if you can’t get outside the arena line yourself up with the boards)

Step 2: Press play on your watch or mp3 player, when you hear the test title ( eg Novice 22 ) ride outside of the arena and follow the boards (inside if you can’t get out)

Step 3: Halt when you hear “ C track left” or ‘C track right”  This is then your starting or “press play” point. All tests are timed to give you the “ C track left” or “C track right” command as you enter the arena at “A”.

Step 4: Check your start position is correct by starting the test recording again from your start position outside the arena, ride into the arena. You should enter the arena at A and hear the command “C track left” or ‘C track right”

Step 5: Choose the correct speed for you by riding through both speeds and seeing which one suits your horse the best. You can refine your speed by adjusting your start point

Please Note! Your arena must be the correct size for these to work effectively!

Introduce to your horse from the ground initially until they are used to the speaker!